Available in traditional and Forged Carbon.
The AirShield: Added Downforce and a Show Piece To Your Forester.

Compressive Tuning is proud to present into its ever expanding hand-crafted product lineup, the Angel Wings.

The Compressive Tuning Angel Wings slide perfectly over the top of your stock 2014-2018 Forester roof wing with provided hardware for additional downforce and a show stopping piece.

The Angel Wings are constructed out of industrial grade Forged carbon including a traditional carbon option for durability and our signature carbon pattern. The Wing is manufactured with 3D mapping and the highest quality materials including the Compressive Tuning logo centered over the top.

As always, Compressive Tuning strives to produce functional and tasteful products to add to your vehicle, and the Angel Wings are the perfect introduction to our ever expanding carbon fiber product line.

A show stopping upgrade THAT adds downforce.