For Subaru WRX and STI

Constructed of the light-weight aluminum.
The Airblade: Heat Extractors help dissipate excess engine heat and keeps your Subaru running cool.

Compressive Tuning is proud to introduce into it’s product lineup, Airblade: Heat Extractors. Not only are the Airblades functional but they bring your engine bay look to a whole new level.

Handmade by our team, we use light-weight aluminum with a precision cut that ventilates the engine bay, promoting good exhaust of airflow away from your engine and out through the wheel wells.

We’re futurist when it comes to the Subaru world. When we find the opportunity to enhance stock parts, we use design and ingenuity to heighten the performance and refine the designs of our products. Just like you, we are all Subaru enthusiasts and have a passion for what we love. Subaru’s.

A simple upgrade With Huge IMPROVEMENTS to Airflow, No Hardware required.